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4-2-15: My Restomod WINS Best Engine and Best Modified Corvette at the SuperChevy Show 2015 in West Palm Beach!!!

 11-17-14: Added to more sources - one under builders, another in interiors

 10-2-14: It has been awhile - we continue to post pictures on our Facebook Page and updated today some of the categories as suppliers do change 

4-12-14: We continue to add photos on our Facebook page! 

Check out a new link for Chassis Concepts under the Chassis/Frames Section

1-05-14: Happy New Year !! updated Jamison Chassis aas they now offer newest C5/C6 suspension on their frames for the C2. 

FACEBOOK PAGE has been active for the year with postings of anything Corvette RestoMod related - CHECK IT OUT !!!

8-24-13: Entered Southern Performance Systems under Engine/Transmissions - offer custom aluminum Fuel Rail Covers for LS engines. Also - entered new picture under LINKS to Projects showing how my LS3 looks today !!!

4-15-13: Entered Vette Works International under the Emblems/Trim Section
12-28-12: Uploaded YouTube Video of my RestoMod build as presented by Mike Coletta
11-28-12: Updated Links to Projects !!

11-15-12: An attempt to clean up the Vetterodder website is underway. Please be patient. 

9-10-12: For inspiration for your own C2 RestoMod, there is a new link to a completed project under "Links to Projects"

8-13-12: Updated photographs of 64 project under Links to Projects

8-4-12: Updated Chassis build under Links to Projects !!
7-17-12: Updated Exhaust section and Electrical section to include a great LED bulb supplier !! 

7-12-12: Updated Street Shop C6 Chassis build under Links to Projects!! Lots of pictures.

7-3-12: Updated photos in Links to Project showing the beginning of the chassis build from Street Shop!
6-27-12: My Project is now underway. I selected Street Shop to build a complete Rolling Chassis - see specifications under Links to Project!!

6-25-12: Expanded sources in Windshield/Tops/Related and added pictures in Links to Project

6-15-12: We have created a FACEBOOK community page to capture pictures and ideas from all VetteRodders who are willing to share!!!!

Corvette paint codes added

6-8-12: Additions to Interior and Links to Projects!

6-7-12: Additions to Coatings/Platings and Wheels

6-6-12: Additions to Interiors, Wheels, Video, RestoMod Builders, and Interiors

6-5-12: Added a new project under Links to Projects and plans to build a body dolly under C1/C2 Bodies

6-4-12: Added the price guide section to cover what Resto Rods are selling for at auction. We summarize the number of RestoRods by type and provide a high/low and average. Links to the actual sales are also provided. 

6-1-12: Added Hod Rod Dynamics under Instruments - make an adapter to fit Autometer gauges into C2 clusters


Added Hushmat and Second Skin to "Cooling/AC/Insulation" section

We have added a new category over the weekend, "Coatings/Platings" to collect sources for chrome plating and thermal ceramic coatings used with your headers and exhaust items. We recognize that many VetteRodders (myself included) will first look for local sources wherever possible.

We have also added new sources under the corresponding categories as we find them.
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Retro-design is all the rage in the automobile industry with new models borrowing design cues from legends past merging classic design with modern technology. While the Corvette has evolved tremendously in technology over its 50+ years, it has not followed the more obvious retro-styling of the Camaro, Mustang, or the Challenger. 

There was a time when the idea of modifying or "hot-rodding" a Corvette was inconceivable - as these time capsules should be preserved. Granted, there are rare original models that do deserve this badge of honor and NCRS has done a wonderful job in this respect. However, evolution in technology has created a new focus on merging the best in retro-design of the older Corvettes with the modern technology of today. 

Not only are the available aftermarket bodies better (some manufacturers offer complete carbon fiber for example), the use of modern suspension systems, fuel injected crate engines such as LS3/7, modern transmissions, and braking systems provide for a smoother and safer ride. It is quite literally the best of both worlds. The VetteRodder now can create a ride that will allow them to comfortably take them from a weekend cruiser to a powerful and unique daily driver with all the conveniences of the modern automobile. 

While the cost of entry is not for the faint of heart - some reaching well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the RestoMods are commanding thousands of dollars MORE than restored original counterparts. Therefore, if executed properly, not only will the owner have a unique ride, but a long term investment as well.