Hi everyone - my name is Dan Caggiani and I am a life-long classic car hobbyist. In my years I have had the privilege of building a resto-mod of a 1958 Corvette with my father (a home garage project that took us 4 years working on weekends only), a 1960 Porsche Cabriolet restoration, and an older Porsche 911 Cabriolet that the wife and I enjoyed before the kids came along. 

In all that time, I always had a desire to merge the technology of a newer C5 or C6 Corvette with an older C1/C2 Corvette design. The ride of that old 58 solid axle was horrible and I have to admit, the car was always needing some work. While that's alright as it is part of the hobby, it left me wanting so much more. I wanted it all, great handling characteristics, modern braking, safety, and reliability all around a C1/C2. 

It appears that I was not alone in this desire as companies came out of nowhere to engineer and develop all sorts of technology of these older Corvettes. From modern chassis builders to LS crate engines, there is quite a plethora of available items to VetteRod your ride - or if you have no time to do it yourself, plenty of builders who will do it for you. 

As the market continues to develop, I noticed that there was no centralized location to find what I needed to plan and decide which direction to head into next. over the last couple of years through web searches and phone calls, I began to amass a catalog of suppliers that cater to the VetteRodder. The market is still fragmented in part because it consists of car guys, hot rodders, engineers and not marketing and sales guys. The websites are out there if you can find them, there is some posts on the various forums and so on, but no central hub where you can peruse and truly see what is out there. 

My goal is to be that central hub and create a community of like minded VetteRodders !!!

The picture below shows my Mother and Father with their 1964 Convertible back in 1966 or 1967.