The challenge with the C1 and C2 dash layouts is that space is limited for most modern stereos - not to mention in dash GPS/DVD/IPOD/Bluetooth options. The challenge is particularly true for the C2 Corvettes where the original radio was mounted in the vertical position and the dash only provides you with a whopping 5" of width - not wide enough for any of today's off the shelf products (or so you think).
For those VetteRodders that are creative to re-style the dash layout or complete interiors, the sky is the limit of course. For many though, the search is on to jam pack all of today's modern technology within the existing real estate. 
There is a variety of options available from companies that can take your original radio and gut out the internals replacing them with all modern internals to aftermarket options made to fit in the existing space. With these options, the VetteRodder gets modern solid state sound technology with a strong amplifier from 50-200watts, along with IPOD / USB - MP3 integration and CD changer capabilities. For those that want the GPS/DVD/Bluetooth options, there is an interesting rear view mirror option or sun visor option to consider. 

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